Friday, December 21, 2007

Democracy at its best in India!

The biggest democracy nation of the world has yet to learn how to use democracy to its advantage. A nation where freedom of speech or protests are merely used to exploit Bollywood celebrities are constantly complaining why their government lacks efficiency improving lives of 'aam janta' (general public). The Janta or the public runs to protest if a celebrity is seen receiving a simple peck on the cheek, but fails to see positive cause of the campaign of AIDS awareness. Also, if a celebrity is quoted voicing his/her opinion, forgetting that even celebrities are entitled to freedom of speech. However, where is this public acknowledgement, when the bureaucratic system is being abused by the general public from bribing watchman to the main boss?

I think we all remember the Amir Khan controversy around the time when Fanna movie was released, regarding some comment he had made regarding the Narmada dam in Gujarat. Now that happened about couple of years back; however, some people in Gujarat just do not want to let it go. Some group of people has gone to movie theaters threatening the managers not to screen Tare Zameen Par. Now this task is necessary because the whole Gujarat state public is not entitled to watch the movie because few people who have too much time on their hand to blow this issue out of proportion. Although, I have not watched the movie, I feel that each individual should watch it in order to understand kids, not that I'm promoting the movie.

So the real issue here is that the public will create a huge controversy over little things what bollywood celebrities does, but it fails to acknowledge issues which effect their lives. Also, the public knows more about what is happening in Bhachans house then the parliament in New Delhi. If one is to ask younger generation who is the Defense Minster of India? They would not know! However, they can probably list all the star cast of the movie Om Shanti Om. It is sad to say that the biggest democratic nation in the world is also the weakest nation when it comes to supporting the government in improving daily lives of AAM JANTA! However it is powerful when it comes to remembering bollywood related events.

Now when leading a normal life one forgets that Bollywood industry ONLY exist to entertain the public. But the public has given so much importance and power to bollywood industry that who knows it might even create its own government in the Land of Mumbai!

~*~ NaShiLi CraZy ~*~


Chirag said...

I agree and disagree with some of your views and concerns. I agree with your disgust at public's response to Shilpa Shetty row. It not only shows hypocrisy that media and people believe in but also lack of respect for individual's views! Hypocrisy...lets see, what was the last time Mallika put on full clothes in the movie and not give a single kiss scene? and damn...people..including myself loved it. Hot babe seducing...umm lets not get there but you get my point. Why so much furor to a kiss on the cheek? Regardless of that, Shilpa went on to say that she had no problems with that. So why the fuck people have to worry about her and go crazy over the guy who was there to do a novel work? People..get a life...we aint the second most populated country in the world for no reason!! We are the land of Kamasutra and should be proud of that.

However, I tend to disagree with your comments on Defense minister of India and movie stars of OSO. Do our kids really need to know who the heck is Defense minister (not to mention, part of disagreement comes from my ignorance about DM!) when he/she has not done anything significant to stop terrorism and improve stability? Point is that fame and respect is earned and not merely begged because of the title. I bet more people in the country know who is Modi than if you ask about defense minister. Reason? Leadership and ability to gain positive/negative publicity. As for stars, it is universal attraction towards people in entertainment industry and it exists even in US!

And finally, just so that you dont think I was overly critical, I agree with your views on TZP. I guess it's main audiance would be parents and kids. As for thanks! I am better off watching Welcome!

Anonymous said...

Chirag bhai kem cho,

Man the movie deals with the issues of kid.. its a movie on kid's awareness..either you dont have kids or you are a kid lol...I completely agree with Nashili whatever...

Darryl said...

I agree with the last sentence in the last para. Actually, javed akthar said that bollywood is a state in itself with a culture, democracy, and its citizens(**stars**). So ther is a possibility that "bollywood" might create its own government, after all according to a certain mr.joahr, its all about loving your family.

Chirag said...

well mr/miss anonymous! I hope you read my comment again! I guess translation in gujarati or hindi might help you!

NaShiLi CraZy said...


The point is not how significant has the Difense Minster been to our country or what action he has taken. The point is not knowing the group of people, who govern our country and has right to make decisions on behalf of the public. For instance, if there was a hint of war on our country it is the Defense Minster who has the right to give opinion..not the public, despite India being a democracy. Also, the point is that youths are well aware of what is happening in entertainment world rather than the government.

I can understand that not everyone needs to know who the each cabinent members are...but atleast basics about your own government is more knowledgeable than star cast of OSO.

I believe when one becomes ignorant about the surrounding (country, government) in which they live is the begining of an ending....(chaos, giving power to the wrong people, begining of corruption...)

~*~ NaShiLi CraZy ~*~

NaShiLi CraZy said...


Well Karan Johar did say its all about loving your family... but whenever there is big natural disaster like tsunami...they only show up for the lime lightt....

Far as I know families are there forever, good times or bad times... right??

I don't hate celebrities, I just despite their cunning ways of manipulating public!!

Brady said...

Well, the bollywood media too is responsible for higlighting only the stars and not the issues/charity work that they are there for. The media focuses too much on why and how the star is doing his social work, and not on the organization and people behind that. They also sprinkle in a little bit of controversies/movies that are surrounding the star by asking questions specifically on that. So, the public is only getting a limited perspective on these things, hence they react quickly when disturbed or remain quiet when there are no juciy details.

Vijay said...

Another point relatd to the article.

The public is getting (over)excited about chake de movie, and who knows that srk will become coach to indian womens hockey team.
Since, they are now strugglin in the real world and not anymore the men's team. So if bollywood did create its own governmnt, the first agenda wud be to get srk to coach the women's hockey team. As wierd as it sounds it will give other stars to rake in more money, and sit on srk's throne since he is busy w/coaching.

Kudos to the coach of indian men's hockey team saying the movie only provided a nice idiom for hockey, not any real motivation for the team. Too bad, srk is not needed on the men's side by hearing this from carvalho.